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In 2011, Carol Handley Presents launched a concert and events company to promote jazz and smooth jazz in the Pacific Northwest.  In July of 2011 Smooth in Seattle was born to inform about jazz events and news.

Carol Handley 
Since the early 80’s Carol has been presenting Jazz and Adult Alternative music in the greater Seattle area both on the air and in lifestyle events in the Pacific Northwest. She has created, produced and presented concerts and events featuring traditional, progressive and contemporary styles of jazz and roots music.

Commercial and non-commercial stations include KBCS-FM, KZAM-FM, KJZZ-AM, KPLU-FM, KEZX-FM, KKNW-FM, KMTT-FM, KWJZ-FM, and KRWM-FM.

Through her work at KWJZ from 1996 to 2010 as Program Director and on-air host, Carol created the Smooth Jazz Festival for fans of the music for 13 years in the Northwest. She also created 11 volumes of CD samplers that have become collector items as a tribute to the artists and the station that brought their music to life in Seattle.

Carol Handley Presents is another website where you can listen to some conversation with artists and hear stories from other interesting people.

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